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1. For the purpose of these By-Laws, only those activities which have been pproved by the committee shall be recognised as official club activities. Any activity not approved shall be considered as a private activity.

2. All members and visitors must adhere to the Clubs Constitution, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations whilst participating in Club Activities.

3. All members and visitors must at all times abide by the regulations laid down by all government authorities.

4. No member shall act in a manner prejudicial to the interests of the club.

5. On any club trip or activity members and visitors shall be prepared to act under the guidance of the trip leader. The trip leader may report to the Committee any serious misconduct.

6. Any member who at any time identifies himself/herself with the club either visibly or in any other way whatsoever, shall be bound to comply with these By-Laws for full duration of the time in which such identification may be visible.

7. All members must comply to the following:

* There shall be no destruction of flora and fauna.

* All public and private property shall be respected.

* Permission shall be obtained from the landowner before travelling through any private property.

* Every effort should be made not to disturb stock.

* Local water supply must be respected.

8. Firearms are not permitted to be used or displayed on any club activity unless during the course of a specified activity. When carried in vehicles, firearms will be concealed from view. Firearm owners must comply with all government laws concerning the use and ownership.

9. All members must comply with all road traffic regulations and observe road courtesy.

10. Whilst travelling in convoy, vehicle position must be maintained with ample space left between vehicles to enable other vehicles to overtake throughout the convoy.

11. The use of pyrotechnics is forbidden on any Club outing by individuals. Organised Club pyrotechnics licensed with Workcover and approved by the committee and ratified by members will be exempted.

12. Intoxicating liquor will not be consumed by the passenger or driver of any vehicle during the driving portion of any Club activity. Alcohol may be consumed in moderation during rest periods.

13. Members will ensure that there is no rubbish left at any stopping place. The “burn, bash and bury” principle no longer applies. All rubbish to be removed from the area and disposed of in a correct manner. All camp fires to be properly extinguished prior to departure from camp sites.

14. The trip leader will be in charge of all recovery operations, unless delegated otherwise by the trip leader. All other vehicles must be well clear of the operation.

15. No two vehicles should attempt to negotiate the same obstacle at the same time. Always wait until the preceding vehicle is well clear before moving on.

16. In the interests of conservation, vehicles shall keep to formed tracks at all times.

17. All vehicles must have front and rear tow points.

18. No member of the convoy shall be left in trouble without help. To signal that help is required flash headlights or contact the trip leader or next person in convoy using UHF or CB radio.

19. All vehicles must carry a basic recovery kit, in good working condition and First Aid kit.

20. The trip leader has the right to refuse to take any member or visitor on a club activity or trip if they feel the vehicle or it's participants are unsuitable or not prepared for the activity or trip.

21. Channel 12 on UHF CB radio shall be used as the primary channel for club communication, alternatively Channel 21 will be used in such event that the primary channel is not available.
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