92 Troopcarrier 1HZ Diesel

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92 Troopcarrier 1HZ Diesel

Postby Nathan1 » Mon Jun 28, 2010 4:13 pm


Ive got a 92 Troopcarrier 1HZ Diesel 298000km on the clock. Its just started using a little bit of oil between oil chaNGES (mainly i think towards the end of the cfange out interval ie close to the 5000km), Anyway the question i am asking is , is this normal for a engine with this ammount of kms on it and how many kms can i expect to get from the engine?

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Re: 92 Troopcarrier 1HZ Diesel

Postby ozzybloke01 » Sat Oct 22, 2011 10:25 pm

Gday, The main thing with doing your own oil changes is using a very good quality oil. As your motor is using oil towards the due date for a service I would say the oil is breaking down hence the using of oil. I own a HZJ75 cruiser with the 1HZ motor and it has just clicked over 200,00km and it doesn't use a drop of oil. I have been using the Penrite 15w/50 Diesel Oil since I bought the vehicle 2 1/2 yrs ago and I always add the Morey's Oil stabilizer as well. You will find the Penrite is a bit dearer than some but its just like everything else you buy and that is you get what you pay for. I would expect that you should get 500,00 km's from this type of engine providing oil changes are done regularly. One other thing and that is not really to do with oil changes but is important, for the sake of $50 make sure your timing belt gets changed every 100,00km's. This is a very easy job on a 1HZ engine to which I can give you easy to follow instructions on how to do this as I have just done mine in about half an hour.
I hope this helps you out...cheers Ian :)
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