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Track Alert December 2010

PostPosted: Mon Dec 20, 2010 12:38 pm
by bludgerswife
Track Closures

The extensive rainfall over the last few weeks has rendered many tracks dangerous & in some cases impassable. The expected prevailing weather conditions are not expected to change that much to improve the track conditions over the next few weeks.

With the holiday period fast approaching many of us will be out enjoying the various tracks & trails within our parks & forests but we would ask you check track & trail access before you finalise plans.

Currently for NSW please check the NPWS website for the parks you intend to visit as many areas area currently closed temporarily ... osure.aspx

If you are travelling through forests within NSW, check with the regional offices to verify track access. The contact details are available at the link

Similarly there are many closures with the Victorian High Country which will remain in place until late January because of track degradation, landslides etc.

These closures can be monitored on the Four Wheel Drive Victoria website at the following link: or for more detail at the Parks Victoria website: ... n=9&page=2

It is in these conditions we as experienced 4WD owners recognise the value of our training, particularly in the risk management to not only ourselves, but our families, the vehicles & the potential for track degradation. The news is full of those who have taken the risk only to fail.

Best Wishes for the season & safe journey

Roger Sheath – Vice President
Four Wheel Drive NSW-ACT

PostPosted: Mon Dec 20, 2010 6:07 pm
by Wineandmud
Unfortunate name but good information. :P